CalSign ( is the leader in Authentication, and proven by Gartner, being the only firm cited in all three Gartner Market Guides on digital identification in 2020.
• The only provider that converts one Authentication factor, such as email or username and password (knowledge factor), into three factors passively and without additional efforts allowing the bank to achieve Knowledge, Inherence (behavioural biometrics) and Possession (device fingerprint) factors through the same journey.
• CallSign solution is unique since the platform combines device fingerprinting with keystroke dynamics and sifts through hundreds of data points collected from smart devices sensors (Motion, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Pedometer and others) which are then used to establish Positive Identification and non-repudiated identity of the user. This means with minimal user interaction we can confirm with high accuracy this is them who they say they are, and therefore reduce reliance on password reset and SMS -OTP.
• Callsign offers this for all lines of business (retail, business, commercial, cards) and all digital channels (web, mobile, open banking and card-not-present) either on prem or in cloud.
• Some of the references are: